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Various Artists: Body Systems Rock

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Body Systems Rock
Label: CD Baby

Songs of Higher Learning was created to provide another venue of learning for the children of today. Students across the nation are so enthralled with all the multimedia and music they are surrounded with, so use this to increase their academic progress. Our goal at Songs of Higher Learning is to provide teachers and parents with supplemental materials that reinforce the topics and concepts that the students have already learned in school. We feel that the use of music will increase the retention of all material encountered. This product will by no means replace the value of the teacher, or what the teacher provides. The sole intention is to provide another avenue to reach all learners in a modal that all children and young adults can relate to..............MUSIC!! We can guarantee better test scores and better grades in Math, Science, History, and much more....Homework help, study aids, retention aids, in the form of Hip Educational music!!

1.1 Body Sustems Rock
1.2 Circulatory Rock
1.3 Digestive Rock
1.4 Five Senses Rock
1.5 Muscular Rock
1.6 My Eye Rock
1.7 Nervous System Rock
1.8 Organization Levels Rock
1.9 Organs ; Function Rock
1.10 Respiratory Rock
1.11 Skeletal Rock
1.12 The Ear Rock
1.13 [CD-ROM Track]

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