Various Artists

Various Artists: Bossa Nova-Music of Love

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Bossa Nova-Music of Love
Label: CD Baby

Bossa Nova, a cross-cultural hybrid of Samba and Jazz,is a sophisticated, lyrical style of music with melodies that are both intimate and relaxed. The Bossa Nova's appeal continues to be it's rhythmic and sonorous groove which is beautifully represented in this collection of essential songs from Sugo Music's Latin Rhythms Series.

1.1 Manha de Carnival [Black Orpheus]
1.2 Meditacao [Meditation]
1.3 Triste
1.4 Felicidade
1.5 Corcovado [Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars]
1.6 O Barquinho [Little Boat]
1.7 Once I Loved
1.8 How Insensitive
1.9 Chega de Saudade
1.10 Aparecida

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