Various Artists: Buddha Cafe / Various

Various Artists: Buddha Cafe / Various
Title: Buddha Cafe / Various
Label: Bar de Lune Boxes

Not available in North America, this 3 CD box set is comprised of 30 total tracks. Bar de Lune. 2005.

1.1 Time of Sands (Remix)
1.2 Horizons (Too Deep Mix)
1.3 Dreams (Sound System Mix)
1.4 Journey Into Dust (Sweet Chill Mix)
1.5 Eastern Glow
1.6 Top Five (H2O Mix)
1.7 Deep Seas (Chill Desert Mix)
1.8 Morning Sun (Glow Mix)
1.9 Asian Summer
1.10 Wherever You Go (Love Mix)
1.11 Simbiossa (Insense Mix)
1.12 Island of Zen (Light Mix)
1.13 Full Moon (Sitra Mix)
1.14 New Day
1.15 What Love Is (Original Mix)
1.16 Futurism (After Dark Mix)
1.17 Cold Sea (Chill Ocean Mix)
1.18 Born Again (Cycle Mix)
1.19 Beautiful Life (Sunshine Mix)
1.20 Eastern Groove
1.21 Back to the Purity (Live Mix)
1.22 Asian Beauty
1.23 Resolution (Cool Mix)
1.24 Flowers (Nature Mix)
1.25 Free Souls (Spiritual Mix)
1.26 Colours of Life (Melt Mix)
1.27 Monsoon Life
1.28 Krishna (Verity Mix)
1.29 Koubba
1.30 Waterfalls (Bali Chill Mix)

Various Artists: Buddha Cafe / Various

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