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Various Artists: Cajun Honky Tonk: Khoury Recordings 2 / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Cajun Honky Tonk: Khoury Recordings 2 / Various

Another zesty dose of cajun honky tonk comes at ya from the mid-20th century along the Louisiana-Texas border. These nearly forgotten musicians will have you two-steppin' and kickin' up your heels in no time. To learn more about the music and the performers, this special collection comes with an 88-page hardbound book!

1.1 Elton Two Step [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
1.2 La Robe Barre
1.3 Midnight Blues
1.4 Sha Meon Waltz
1.5 Boora Rhuma [La Cucaracha!]
1.6 Madame Sostan
1.7 Brunette Two Step
1.8 Scrambled Eggs [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
1.9 Tell Me If You Love Me
1.10 Belle Isle Waltz
1.11 Lonesome for You
1.12 Chere Petite Blun [Chere Petite Brun!]
1.13 Shoe Pick Waltz (Choupique Waltz!)
1.14 Durald Two Step
1.15 Two Step de Kindergarden [Instrumental]
1.16 Chere Vere Naig [Dear Old Man]
1.17 Chere Ami Waltz [Dear Friend Waltz]
1.18 La Prison
1.19 The Cameron Waltz
1.20 Jennings Two Step
1.21 Bayou Chico Waltz
1.22 Hathaway Two Step [Instrumental]
1.23 Iowa Two Step
1.24 Gueydon Waltz
1.25 Lake Charles Two Step
1.26 Grand Mamou
1.27 Two Step de Avalon [Instrumental] [Instrumental]

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