Various Artists

Various Artists: Canada Folksongs 1951-1957

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Canada Folksongs 1951-1957

1.1 Lord Gordon Reel
1.2 The Squid-Jiggin' Ground
1.3 I'm Going to Get Married
1.4 The Bad Girl's Lament
1.5 Chin Music
1.6 À la Claire Fontaine
1.7 Le Petit Moine
1.8 Boys of the Island
1.9 The False Knight Upon the Road
1.10 Lots of Fish in Bonavist" Harbor
1.11 Anti-Confederation Song
1.12 Pretty Susan
1.13 The Welcome Table
1.14 Old Tune
1.15 Galop de la Malbaie
1.16 Laquelle Marierons-Nous?
1.17 Chanson de Mensonges
1.18 Auprã¨S de Ma Blonde
1.19 Violon en Discorde
1.20 Tous Les Gens Du Plaisir
1.21 À la Claire Fontaine/Ah! Tu Danses Bien Madeleine
1.22 Vive la Canadienne
1.23 She Was Poor But She Was Honest
1.24 A Young Man Lived in Belfast Town
1.25 The Wee, Wee German Lairdie
1.26 Pastoral (D'auvergne)
1.27 À Paris Sur Le Petit Pont
1.28 Danse Carrã©E
1.29 Shining Birch Tree
1.30 The Shantyboys' Alphabet
2.1 The Franklin Expedition
2.2 The Murder of F.C. Benwell
2.3 The Poor Little Girls of Ontario
2.4 The Black Fly Song
2.5 An Indian Sat in His Little Bark Canoe
2.6 The Northern Trappers Rendez Vous
2.7 The Little Old Sod Shanty
2.8 Un Canadien Errant
2.9 The Alberta Homestead
2.10 A Poor Lone Girl in Saskatchewan
2.11 The Klondike Gold Rush
2.12 The Lookout in the Sky
2.13 The Story of Weldon Chan
2.14 Lake of Crimson
2.15 War Dance
2.16 Hunting Black Bear [Algonkian/Chanson Algonqu
2.17 Victory Song
2.18 War Song (Word War II) [C
2.19 Warrior's Death Song [Blackfoot/Chanson Pie
2.20 Grass Dance
2.21 Owl Dance
2.22 Lucky Stone Song [Blackfoot/Chanso
2.23 War Song
2.24 Children's Game
2.25 I Sing About the Dance
2.26 Before We Came to This Religion [Avant Que Nous en Soyons Arrivã©S Ã Cet
2.27 Girls' Game

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