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Various Artists: Chip Deffaa's Irving Berlin Revisited: Rare Songs Of Love, Loss, AndRevenge

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Chip Deffaa's Irving Berlin Revisited: Rare Songs Of Love, Loss, AndRevenge

1.1 When I'm Alone I'm Lonesome - Emily Bordonaro
1.2 All By Myself - Beth Bartley
1.3 Nobody Knows (And Nobody Seems to Care) - Alec Deland
1.4 Say It with Music - Giuseppe Bausilio
1.5 Next to Your Mother, Who Do You Love? - Ryan Muska
1.6 The Girl on the Magazine - Keith Anderson
1.7 I've Got a Sweet Tooth Bothering Me - Jonah Barricklo
1.8 Sweeter Than Sugar Is My Sweeties - Charlie Franklin
1.9 Medley: I Like It / You'd Be Surprised - George Franklin
1.10 If You Don't Want My Peaches (You'd Better Stop Shaking the Tree) - Emily Bordonaro
1.11 Keep Away from the Fellow Who Owns An Automobile - Cody Jordan
1.12 Innocent Bessie Brown - Jeff Sewell
1.13 Try It on Your Piano - Alec Deland
1.14 He Promised Me - Brianna Leigh Smail
1.15 I've Got to Have Some Lovin' Now - Natalie Douglas
1.16 Stop! Stop! Stop! - Julia Franklin
1.17 I'm the Guy Who Guards the Harem - Michael Kasper
1.18 My Bird of Paradise (My Honolulu Girl) - Jenn Spottz
1.19 The New Moon - Luka Fric
1.20 When I Discovered You - Matthew Nardozzi
1.21 Settle Down in a One-Horse Town - John Brady
1.22 We Have Much to Be Thankful for - Nina Paganucci
1.23 In a Cozy Kitchenette Apartment for Two - Dylan Adams
1.24 Call Again - Charlie Franklin
1.25 They Were All Out of Step But Jim - Rick Crom
1.26 I'm Gonna Pin a Medal on the Girl I Left Behind - Tyler Duboys
1.27 I've Got My Captain Working for Me Now - Jack Saleeby
1.28 I Wonder - Jeremy Greenbaum
1.29 When I'm Thinking of You - Jon Peterson
1.30 Wasn't It Yesterday - Emily Bordonaro

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