Various Artists

Various Artists: Citr Pop Alliance, Vol 3

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Citr Pop Alliance, Vol 3
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited hand-numbered vinyl LP pressing packaged in a silk-screened sleeve. To carry on the Pop Alliance tradition, Mint Records called upon CITR's Duncan McHugh (AKA the host of Duncan's Donuts) to bring together 14 of Vancouver's finest. Many songs are previously unreleased and once again, all proceeds will go back to CITR 101.9 fm-the birthplace of Mint Records. Features tracks from Jay Armer, Movie land, Korean Gut (R.I.P.), Peace, Gal Gracen, Pups, Fanshaw, Aaron Read, Needles/Pins, the Courtney's, Babysitter, Bank robber, Weed, and Sleuth.

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