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Various Artists: Congo Benefit Project / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Congo Benefit Project / Various

This project includes amazing tracks from artists like Above The Golden State and Elliot. Some of the artists are signed to major labels, some to indie labels, but the common thread they all have is that they decided to donate all royalties to World Relief to raise money for work being done on the ground in the DRC. Pretty awesome.

1.1 Change the World - Elliot
1.2 Streets - Above the Golden State
1.3 Make Me Whole - Pawnshop Kings
1.4 Somehow - Jordan Critz
1.5 The Birds of the Air - Annie Bethancourt
1.6 The World Awaits - Ryanhood
1.7 Still the Same - Dave Blok
1.8 Love Must Pave the Way - Justin Lavik
1.9 Nothing More - Grace Laxson
1.10 Here Are My Hands - Aaron Niequist
1.11 Make Me Sing - Tim Bach Band
1.12 Carry on - Lauren Edwards
1.13 Because - Anna Moran
1.14 Glory, Hallelujah (I've Got Nothing) - Annie Bethancourt
1.15 Amazing Grace - Kim Hunt

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