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Various Artists: Cult Cargo: Grand Bahama Goombay

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Cult Cargo: Grand Bahama Goombay

The second in our series of exploration of the pan-American funk experience, CULT CARGO: GRAND BAHAMA GOOMBAY is a deep overview of Funky Nassau's redheaded sister, Freeport, GBI. From 1969-1976 Frank Penn's GBI studio and label cranked out a dozen LPs and twice as many singles infected with the Miami sounds drifting in over the 100 mile strait. The catalog is a fruity blend of rake and scrape, bush, junkanoo, calypso, reggae and of course, goombay, with a twist of American soul. The 76 minute, 16 track CD feature Jay Mitchell, Frank Penn, Dry Bread, the Mustangs, Ozzie Hall and more.

1.1 Gonna Build a Nation - Cyril Ferguson
1.2 I Am the Man for You Baby - Jay Mitchell ; the Mitchellites
1.3 Gimme Some Skin - Frank Penn
1.4 Words to My Song - Dry Bread
1.5 Goombay Bump - Jay Mitchell
1.6 Don't Touch That Thing - Sylvia Hall
1.7 Watcha Gonna Do 'Bout It - Mustangs
1.8 Gimme Some Skin - Frank Penn
1.9 Take Five - Ozzie Hall
1.10 Tighter ; Tighter - Jay Mitchell
1.11 The Time for Loving Is Now - Mustangs
1.12 People Won't Change - Willpower
1.13 Funky Fever - Jay Mitchell
1.14 Theme from Shaft - Esquires LTD
1.15 Honesty Is the Best Policy - Gospel Chandeliers
1.16 Mustang Sally - Jay Mitchell

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