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Various Artists: Dam Good Soul 1 / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Dam Good Soul 1 / Various

DAM GOOD SOUL VOLUME 1 From the ever-growing world of R'n'B and Neo-soul comes Dam good soul. Producers, songwriters and musicians creating the new soul movement. This production house has managed to showcase the best underground soul talent from the world of Soul and R'n'B. Knock Out, Soulstar and The M2 formed dam good soul back in 1999. They decided to put their talents together and create a real platform for up and coming soul/R'n'b artists to showcase their talents. The soulful team unearthed these artists in the UK and plan to do a joint venture with American artists next year. This first project is the start of a long line of projects that will bring the best talent to the surface. Look out for some more dam good soul albums coming soon....................

1.1 Welcome to... - DJ Candy M
1.2 97 - Elisha la Verne
1.3 Fresh, Funky, Love - Sammy J
1.4 Am I Ever - Khalid ; Hannah
1.5 Hooked - Sammy J
1.6 Burn - Khalid
1.7 Intermission - DJ Candy M
1.8 Rolling Back - Zara
1.9 Work It Out - Khalid ; Sammy J
1.10 Just a Kiss - Sammy J
1.11 Wifey Materail - Perry Morgan
1.12 My Baby - Khalid
1.13 Where Did You Go - Khalid ; Hannah
1.14 Till the Next Time - DJ Candy M

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