Various Artists: Dear You / Various

Various Artists: Dear You / Various
Title: Dear You / Various
Label: El Toro

2011 release from the modern Rockabilly singer/songwriter. In creating modern yet authentic Rockabilly music, the talent of the songwriter is naturally indispensable, but many other hard to identify elements are necessary. One of the most important being certainly sincerity.... All the songs on this album are about real life situations in Arsen's life written out into a story. If not by him, by his brothers who have walked down that same road before. Songs written by Arsen, sometimes in association with the musicians, shine with their originality, their variety and integrity. They are highlighted by a voice which expresses authenticity anchored in profound roots.

1.1 All Show No Go
1.2 Rockin' in the Alley
1.3 Reason for Misery
1.4 Feel Like Making Love
1.5 Gotta Have You
1.6 Love Me Never Leave Me
1.7 Honey Hush
1.8 Off My Mind
1.9 Show Me the Way
1.10 Stranger
1.11 Chasing Rainbows
1.12 Spinning Around
1.13 My Lil' Girl
1.14 Oh Mama

Various Artists: Dear You / Various

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