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Various Artists: Digital Sanskrit / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Digital Sanskrit / Various

Digital Sanskrit is the acoustic unification of LX-D's spectrum of sounds - a carefully chosen collection split into two parts presents a unique voyage through the depths of current Psychedelic Trance ranging from proper old-school style anthems to more daytime and nighttime psychedelic frequencies from some of the best artists around. Sanskrit is the oldest language known to mankind. Still, more than ever, a modern universal language is sought in which unification and harmony are achieved through frequencies in different tone scales as a replacement for words transmitting emotions in their purest and empathetic way. From the dance floor - for the dance floor - this 16-track story, split into two parts; ranging from daytime to night time blasters - is our Digital Sanskrit.

1.1 Nikki S - Dragon Warrior Sabretooth Remix
1.2 Alien Meddling - Tilt Etnica Remix
1.3 Shekinah - Neotonizing Force Original Mix
1.4 Audiounit - in Real Time Original Mix
1.5 Cymatic - the Right Frequency Original Mix
1.6 Mystic, Freak Control - Chemical Signal Original Mix
1.7 Mechanimal - Serenity Original Mix
1.8 Quadrant, Chacruna - Valle de Sol Original Mix
2.1 Ooblek - Components of the Mind Original Mix
2.2 Chronic Avenjahs - Immortal Spirit Original Mix
2.3 Microtech - Gin Tonic Original Mix
2.4 D-Ther - Let's Drop Some Original Mix
2.5 Conwerter, Wingman - Sharing Visions Original Mix
2.6 Virtual Light, Aum Project - Topology Original Mix
2.7 Ridden - Bhang Lassi Original Mix
2.8 M-Theory - Don't Wake Up Yet Original Mix

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