Various Artists: Discover Music From the Mediterranean

Various Artists: Discover Music From the Mediterranean
Title: Discover Music From the Mediterranean
Label: Arc Music

The Mediterranean Sea, enclosed by two continents, encircled by a multitude of different countries, cultures and languages, enjoys a rich and colorful diversity of musical expressions. With cross-migration and trade throughout history, though, we do find common or similar instruments, rhythms, and musical styles. In spite of all the differences, there is a 'Mediterranean flair' in all the works presented on this new album. Songs featured include pieces from Albania, Lebanon, Greece, Morocco, Syria, Libya, Croatia, Sardinia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, France, and more. The traditional folk musicians featured on the release bring an authentic and natural flair to each and every work.

1.1 Lalla Fatima
1.2 100% Nabrike
1.3 Sidi Mansour / Baba Bahri
1.4 Ajami
1.5 Do Mar Çiften
1.6 Yeslam Galbak
1.7 Seguidillas Carpeñas "La Del Rabo El Guarro"
1.8 Rad Halaila
1.9 Wenn Mademoiselle Dich KÜßT
1.10 Al Vuelo
1.11 Om Faraon Mother of Pharaoh
1.12 Marcia Di Bergamo a Monte Catini
1.13 Karcihar Oyun Havasi
1.14 Oj Safete, Sajo, Sarajlijo
1.15 Sto'pa Kai Sto Xanaleo
1.16 Elazri
1.17 Subhana Man Sawwar
1.18 Enta
1.19 Asutt'e Su Soli
1.20 Serenada Mandini

Various Artists: Discover Music From the Mediterranean

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