Various Artists: Dream Circle Sleepytime Songs / Various

Various Artists: Dream Circle Sleepytime Songs / Various
Title: Dream Circle Sleepytime Songs / Various
Label: CD Baby

Dream Circle Sleepytime Songs is a collection of gentle, melodic, positive message children's music featuring,Tim Cain (Bay Area rock icon and award winning children's artist) Miss Kitty (Bay area legend and Platinum selling Children's artist) Christopher Smith (award winning children's artist, educator and nationally acclaimed folk artist) and Cindy Cohen ( musician, educator and owner/Creator of Musicmakers innovative and highly acclaimed music program for young children.) I've been asked many times over the years to put all my lullabys together on one album . i thought it would make for a more interesting collection to bring together the works of my very talented Dream Circle band mates. We'll fly to candyland, build a sandcastle, sing with a whale, dance with ballerinas,hear giggling faeries, ride with a cowboy, watch the moon, listen to a harp, count sheep and much more on this easy listening adventure. Perfect for children's naptime, bedtime or just those times when we need to chill out.

1.1 Sleepyhead
1.2 Wendy's Song
1.3 Seashell
1.4 Sandcastle Lullaby
1.5 King of the Whales
1.6 The Hearts Treasure
1.7 Dreamboat
1.8 Just Because You're You
1.9 Listen to the Harp
1.10 My Kitty
1.11 Ballerina
1.12 Come to the Sand Box
1.13 Medly: Circle Around /The Earht Is Our Mother
1.14 Cowboy Lullaby
1.15 The Moon Watchers
1.16 The Fairie Song
1.17 Nighty-Night
1.18 Ten Little Sheep

Various Artists: Dream Circle Sleepytime Songs / Various

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