Various Artists

Various Artists: Fairy Tales, Kid Stories and Fun Vol. 4

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Fairy Tales, Kid Stories and Fun Vol. 4
Label: Essential Media Mod

An entertaining audiobook collection of folk tales, stories and fairy tales for kids spread over 4 volumes

1.1 Sleeping Beauty
1.2 Tom Thumb
1.3 Snow White and Rose Red
1.4 The Pied Piper of Hamelin
1.5 Thumbelina
1.6 The Lion and the Mouse
1.7 The Princess and the Pea
1.8 The Snow Queen
1.9 The Little Red Hen
1.10 Master of All Masters
1.11 The Brave Tin Soldier
1.12 The Magic Kettle
1.13 The Book of Spells
1.14 The Flying Trunk
1.15 The Frog Prince
1.16 The Snow Man
1.17 The Princess and the Mouse
1.18 Toads and Diamonds
1.19 The Three Spinners
1.20 The Bear's Tail
1.21 The Snow
1.22 The Nail
1.23 The Three Wishes
1.24 The Weeping Princess
1.25 The Lion and the Man

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