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Various Artists: Favorite New Testament Passages 1

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Favorite New Testament Passages 1

David the Psalmist quite likely spoke, or sung the Psalms he composed, accompanied by music. The music of the harp and lyre in particular. Our narrator recently remarked, 'I would love to have heard the composer of those divinely inspired, marvelous, exquisite verses, speak them to the cadence of music: yet can I hear -- if only in my imagination, his voice echoing, resounding across time, and I am moved by their truth and beauty.' Partick Alexander: Narrator Our narrator - Patrick M. Alexander has been a professional journalist, broadcaster, Shakespearian performer, an artisan in wood and metal - the grateful father of three sons. 'God's love and mercies have sustained me throughout my life ... I feel blessed and privileged to be able to share God's Word. The reading of the Holy Word of God, God's Word, daunting a challenge as it may be, is at once a humbling, uplifting and energizing experience and undertaking. It is my own fervent hope and prayer that these exalted verses - the Word of the Lord, be of comfort and a blessing to all, in every aspects of their lives and that above all - that it will be pleasing unto the Lord.

1.1 In the Beginning Was the Word
1.2 The Birth of Jesus
1.3 God So Loved the World
1.4 The Prodigal Son
1.5 The Lord's Prayer
1.6 Healing of the Blind Man
1.7 Lazarus
1.8 Suffer the Little Children
1.9 The Good Samaritan
1.10 Judge Not
1.11 Come Unto Me
1.12 I Am the Vine
1.13 The Greatest of These Is Love
1.14 The Beatitudes [Live]

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