Various Artists

Various Artists: Gangsta Rap Instrumentals 2 / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Gangsta Rap Instrumentals 2 / Various
Label: Hi Power Ent.

Tracks include "Rides a Must (instrumental)" by Big Lokote, "California (instrumental)" by Lil Tweety, "LA County Most Wanted (instrumental)" by Mr. Capone-E, "Somebody Like You (Instrumental)" by Lil Tweety/Magic of NB Ridaz, "Sly Slick & Wicked (instrumental)" by Malow Mac, "Sounds of Summertime (instrumental)" by Mr. Criminal, "Ride (instrumental)" by Brown Boy.

1.1 Gri - Intro
1.2 The Beginning
1.3 G's and Ridaz
1.4 Real Hoes
1.5 What Are We Seeing
1.6 Gangstas Commin After You
1.7 Don't Be Fake
1.8 For the Homies
1.9 Smoke Out Dos
1.10 Straight Ballin
1.11 We Some Soldiers
1.12 Somethin Wicked Is Commin
1.13 War Cry
1.14 A Better Way
1.15 Negro and Stalker
1.16 Gri Outro
1.17 [Untitled Track]

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