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Various Artists: Girls Of Golden World Records

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Girls Of Golden World Records

1.1 Ooh, Boy!
1.2 I'm Spellbound
1.3 Can't Shake It Loose
1.4 I'll Bet You
1.5 Can't Let Go
1.6 Hey!!
1.7 How's Your New Love Treating You
1.8 You Knew What You Were Gettin'
1.9 Please Don't Say We're Through
1.10 Baby Boy
1.11 Can't Stop Loving You Baby
1.12 Clickety Clack Heart
1.13 Little Too Long
1.14 Nobody Loves You Like Me
1.15 Sweetheart Darling
1.16 Eenie, Meenie, Gypsaleenie
1.17 Candy Store Man/Golden World
1.18 You Knew What You Was Gettin'
1.19 C.O.D. (Collect on Delivery)
1.20 Doin' Things Together with You
1.21 Recipe of Love
1.22 Big Time Fun
1.23 Devil in His Eyes
1.24 Daddy-O
1.25 Let's Go Together
1.26 Am I Glad Now
1.27 Some Things You Never Get Used to
1.28 That's What He Told Me

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