Various Artists: Give Me Some Rock N Roll

Various Artists: Give Me Some Rock N Roll
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Give Me Some Rock N Roll

Everyone has his own definition of Rock'N'Roll and this compilation of 24 bands, all different, shows that Rock'N'Roll is an extremely rich kind of music. From the Lanskies' Post Punk, and through Radiohead's last fire ship plus French bands are in favour with the excellent Hushpuppies, the Dandys, Kim Novak, Nelson, Quidam, and GRS Club. Rounding it out with the Donnas and Santogold, who leads the Bellrays or with the very arty VV from the Kills. Included is the Kooks and Pete Doherty' Babyshambles, great Dandy Warhol's and the blues duet band produced by Danger Mouse, the Black Keys...

1.1 Radiohead-Bodysnatchers
1.2 Pete ; the Pirates-Mr. Understanding
1.3 Kooks-Always Where I Need to Be
1.4 Sunday Drivers-Do It
1.5 Babyshambles-Delivery
1.6 Kim Novak-Swallow
1.7 Hushpuppies-Bad Taste ; Gold on the Doors
1.8 Donnas-Smoke You Out
1.9 Santogold-Say Aha
1.10 GRS Club-Fake
1.11 Lanskies-However
1.12 Quidam-De Sang Froid
1.13 Nelson-The (Over) Song
1.14 Kills-Last Day of Magic
1.15 Child Ballads-Cheekbone Hollows (Pop.1/2 Life)
1.16 Girls in Hawaii-Grasshopper
1.17 Black Keys-Strange Times
1.18 Andre Williams ; the New Orleans Hellhounds-Can You Deal with It?
1.19 The Bellrays-That's Not the Way It Should Be
1.20 Nervous Cabaret-Mel Gibson
1.21 Montgomery-Ornicar
1.22 Hollywood Pornstars-Andy
1.23 Magnetix-Time After Time
1.24 Dandy Warhols-Wasp in the Lotus

Various Artists: Give Me Some Rock N Roll

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