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Various Artists: Hair Apparent-The Main Man Records Tribute to Hair

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Hair Apparent-The Main Man Records Tribute to Hair

"Nearly a quarter of a century after they dominated the charts, bands like Motley Crue, Twisted Sister and Whitesnake still have a loyal audience," says Hair Apparent executive producer Kim Mulligan. "Whether the critics want to acknowledge it or not, it's obvious the enduring popularity of these bands must have a little something to do with the quality of their songs. It's not easy to strike a common chord with millions of people worldwide or else everyone would have done it, right?" The concept behind Hair Apparent was to present the songs in a variety of musical genres and let them stand on their own. The musicians on Hair Apparent are not covering these songs; they are re-interpreting them. "Stripped of the hairspray, the spandex, the videos and the excessive behavior, these are really solid songs and well worth repeated listening," Mulligan adds. The line-up features artists as diverse as Bob "Derwood" Andrews (former member of the punk band Generation X) with a version of the Slade/Quiet Riot classic "Cum On Feel The Noize," and guitarist Sean Eden (formerly of Luna; currently with Elk City), lending his considerable talent to Helix's "Heavy Metal Love", re-imagined by LaBooze. Dennis Dunaway, who co-wrote the Alice Cooper classics "Schools Out" and "I'm Eighteen" is also on Hair Apparent with his version of Spinal Tap's "Big Bottom".

1.1 Heavy Metal Love [Cover]
1.2 Cum on Feel the Noize [Cover]
1.3 Malibu Beach Nightmare [Cover]
1.4 She's Tight [Cover]
1.5 I Wanna Rock [Cover]
1.6 Ballad of Jayne [Cover]
1.7 Chatterbox [Cover]
1.8 Big Bottom [Cover]
1.9 Babylon [Cover]
1.10 It's So Easy [Cover]
1.11 Another Piece of Meat [Cover]
1.12 Shoot 'Em Down [Cover]
1.13 Public Enemy #1 [Cover]
1.14 18 and Life [Cover]
1.15 Little Fighter [Cover]
1.16 The Final Countown [Cover]
1.17 After the Rain [Cover]
1.18 Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You, Tonight [Cover]
1.19 Here I Go Again [Cover]
1.20 Wanted Dead or Alive [Cover]

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