Various Artists

Various Artists: Harp Guitar Dreams

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Harp Guitar Dreams

A gorgeous and moving new harp guitar compilation. 13 solo instrumental tracks many commissioned specifically for this project that will appeal to everyone from New Age fans to virtuoso instrumental guitar fans. Featuring a wonderful mix of world-class harp guitarists, including popular favorites, fingerstyle champions and newer artists, the lineup includes Muriel Anderson, John Doan, Andy Wahlberg, Andy McKee, Don Alder, Carter Lancaster, Tim Donahue, Tom Shinness, Dan LaVoie, Jeff Titus, Gregg Miner, Pete Bradshaw, and surprise guest harp guitarist Alex de Grassi! Produced by Gregg Miner exclusively for Harp Guitar Music. Specifically designed as an infinite musical experience. Relax during your massage, chill out during your drive, share with friends over dinner, or put on your iPod phones and savor every luscious note. However or wherever it moves you, we invite you to share our dreams. Includes 16-page full color booklet highlighting each artist and instrument!

1.1 Into the Ocean
1.2 If You Were Here
1.3 Reverie for Greensleeves
1.4 View from Space
1.5 Brandywyn
1.6 Dulcitar Dream
1.7 A Single Moment
1.8 Mahjabeen
1.9 Bridge of Verdant Mist
1.10 Jubal S Tomb
1.11 Long Distance Call
1.12 When We Were Kings
1.13 Harp Guitar Dreams

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