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Various Artists: I'll Remember Love: The Larry Gelb Songbook 1

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Artist: Various Artists

Title: I'll Remember Love: The Larry Gelb Songbook 1
Label: CD Baby

This is the first volume of 250 songs to be released by composer and lyricist Larry Gelb over the next 3 years. This CD features some of Broadway's strongest new voices, including Kelly Grant and Amy Justman from company that won the Tony. Also the fantastic Laura Jordan Paul Binotto of Dreamgirls and Hair, and newcomers Kyle Bradford and David Perlman. The songs range from the musical love so dear which is about America in the sixties, the CIA, and the invention of LSD. And includes songs from 'our mutual friend 'which is dickens last book. Larry Gelb classic 'The Caterpillar Song' is here with a gorgeous violin solo by concert virtuoso Jesse Mills. It features Steve Laspina on bass and Dan Weiss on drums. You get amazing songs and it is over 75 minutes. All from new musicals. There are showstoppers, beautiful ballads, children's songs, gospels, comedy numbers and protest songs. This CD is a healthy way to alter your consciousness.

1.1 The World of a Dream
1.2 Welcome to the City
1.3 I'm Not Supposed to Fall in Love
1.4 Blood of America
1.5 Some Other Christmas
1.6 It Must Be Love
1.7 The Caterpillar Song
1.8 Dirty Business of War
1.9 As Near to You As Love
1.10 I Killed a Man I Did'nt Know
1.11 Be in Love with Me
1.12 Being Unemployed
1.13 The Honeymooners Now
1.14 Waiting for My Rosebuds
1.15 If I Were An Only Child
1.16 Sail Away My Heart
1.17 The Vegetable Song
1.18 Ten Thousands Joys
1.19 Delicious Child
1.20 Perfect Paris Room
1.21 Love So Dear
1.22 Hum a Few Bars
1.23 Forever Today
1.24 It Did'nt Happen
1.25 Happy Birthday My Love
1.26 I'll Remember Love

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