Indian Music Southwest / Var: Indian Music Southwest / Various

Various Artists: Indian Music Southwest / Various
Title: Indian Music Southwest / Various
Artist: Indian Music Southwest / Var
Label: Folkways Records
UPC: 093070885028
Genre: International, Native American

Recorded and produced by Laura Boulton (1899-1980), an American ethnomusicologist, this collection of songs includes music from rituals in several tribes from Arizona, New Mexico, and the northern region of Mexico. Mostly male voices perform all of the songs either solo or in chorus, accompanied by rattles, bells, or drums. The liner notes contain in-depth descriptions of the rituals of which the songs are a part, in addition to other cultural context. Boulton studied music all around the world, from Africa and Eastern Europe to the South Pacific and the Arctic Circle.

1.1 Mudhead Kachina
1.2 Harvest Dance
1.3 Squaw Dance
1.4 Night Chant, Yeibichei
1.5 Horse Song
1.6 Corn Dance
1.7 Comanche Song
1.8 Drum Dance
1.9 Midnight Dance
1.10 Bird Song
1.11 Ailsha Chant
1.12 Medicine Song
1.13 Girl's Initiation Ceremony
1.14 Social Dance
1.15 Horse Dance
1.16 Crown Dance

Indian Music Southwest / Var: Indian Music Southwest / Various


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