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Various Artists: Irish Drinking Songs / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Irish Drinking Songs / Various

This classic 1959 album propelled the Clancy's to world-wide fame and is considered THE quintessential Irish drinking album of all time

1.1 Whiskey You're the Devil - Liam Clancy and Chorus
1.2 The Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe - Tommy Makem
1.3 The Moonshiner - Tom Clancy
1.4 Bold Thady Quill - Tommy Makem
1.5 Rosin' the Bow - Patrick Clancy and Chorus
1.6 Finnigan's Wake - Liam Clancy and Chorus
1.7 The Real Old Mountain Dew - Patrick Clancy
1.8 Courting in the Kitchen - Tommy Makem and Chorus
1.9 Mick McGuire - Tom Clancy and Chorus
1.10 A Jug of Punch - Patrick Clancy
1.11 Johnny McEldoo - Tommy Makem
1.12 Cruiscin Lan - Tom Clancy and Chorus
1.13 Portlairge - Liam Clancy
1.14 The Parting Glass - Liam Clancy

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