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Various Artists: Japanese Shinto Ritual Music / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Japanese Shinto Ritual Music / Various
Label: Essential Media Mod

Shinto music is ceremonial music for Shinto which is the native religion of Japan. It is a subcategory of music under gagaku called Ancient Song and Dance or old festival music. The most immediately striking theme in the Shinto religion is a great love and reverence for nature, which is reflected in this beautiful, ancient music. Kagura "Entertainment of the Gods", is a term that refers to Shinto music. There are two types of Kagura: Mi-Kagura which is the Shinto ritual music played for the imperial/noble courts as well as the main shrines such as Ise, and Sato Kagura which is Shinto ritual music not related to the imperial court. Both forms are represented here. Authentic recordings, digitally re-mastered..

1.1 Invocation of the God (Itako Kamiyose) - Kasai Kiyo
1.2 Heron's Dance (Sagi Mai) - Male Shinto Choir
1.3 Rice Cake Preparation Dance - Female Shinto Voices
1.4 Kagura of the Tsuno Mountain - Male Shinto Voice
1.5 Suzaki Dance (Susaki Odori) - Female Shinto Voices
1.6 Mitsukuri Kagura - Male Shinto Voices
1.7 Fire Burning Festival (O-Hitaki Matsuri) - Shinto Priests
1.8 No Dance (N? Mai) - Male Shinto Choir
1.9 The 3 Gods of Purification-Wakayama Taneo?S Bayashi Ensemble
1.10 The Heavenly Rock-Cave - Shinto Instrument Ensemble
1.11 Shrine Maiden's Dance - Shinto Instrument Ensemble
1.12 Shinto Court Ceremony (Mi-Kagura) - Male Shinto Voice

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