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Various Artists: Korean Folk Music: Four Thousand Years

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Korean Folk Music: Four Thousand Years
Label: Essential Media Mod

Korean folk music is varied and complex, but all forms maintain a set of rhythms (called Jangdan) and a loosely defined set of melodic modes. Because the Folk songs of various areas are categorized under Dongbu Folk songs, their vocal styles and modes are diverse. These songs are mostly simple and bright. Namdo Folk songs are those of Jeolla Province and a part of Chungcheong Province. While the folk songs of other regions are mostly musically simple, the folk songs of the Namdo region, where the famous musical genres pansori and sanjo were created, are rich and dramatic. The Korean Folk Music Ensemble are adept at all styles and this recording provides an comprehensive overview of this wonderful, ancient music. Digitally re-mastered. [Note: This product is an authorized CD-R and is manufactured on demand].

1.1 Huishimgok
1.2 Kwansan Yungma
1.3 Han Obaeknyon
1.4 Kangwon Province Arirang
1.5 Orang T'aryng, Kungch'o Taenggi
1.6 Shinawi
1.7 Kayagum Sanjo
1.8 Kayagum Pyongch'ang - Sae T'aryng
1.9 P'ansori Shimch'ongga
1.10 Samulnori

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