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Various Artists: Landlocked: Downey Story / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Landlocked: Downey Story / Various

Import-only compilation that focuses on Tom Wenzel's legendary California-based Downey Records label. Many tracks from the Downey vaults do not fit any handy genre, so we felt it was time to bring these together with some of the bigger hits creating a comprehensive overview. Here is the first ever recording and solo outing of Barry White under the name Lee Barry. The track that has done so well over the years on the Northern scene, 'Do It' by Pat Powdrill makes a welcome appearance away from the Kent label. The same goes for Carl Burnett's 'Jerk Baby Jerk'. Ace Records.

1.1 Pipeline - the Chantays
1.2 I Don't Need You No More - the Rumblers
1.3 Ask the Stars - Jimmie Hombs with the Twinkle Tones ; the Hollywood Rebels
1.4 Cinnamon Cinder (It's a Very Nice Dance) - the Pastel Six
1.5 Nellie - the Invictas
1.6 I Don't Need It - Lee Barry Aka Barry White
1.7 Smokey Places - the Slipped Discs
1.8 Dorothy - the Debonaires
1.9 In My Heart - E.S.P. Limited
1.10 That Kind of Girl - Craig ; Michael
1.11 Do It - Pat Powdrill
1.12 Jerk Baby Jerk - Carl Burnett ; the Hustlers
1.13 TV Guide - Jessie Hill
1.14 I've Got News for You - Little Johnny Taylor
1.15 Maid 'N Japan - the Nylons
1.16 Penetration - Ed Burkey
1.17 Troubles (TK 23) - Sonny Patterson
1.18 Edge of Nowhere - the Sunday Group
1.19 Hang It Out to Dry - Bud ; Kathy
1.20 Freeway - the Last Word
1.21 My Love - Margaret Williams
1.22 Comanche (Now on Soundtrack to the Exiles) - the Revels
1.23 The Bug - the Riviares
1.24 Tell Me Why (Used Other Side on Garage) - Kicks

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