Various Artists: Leaving Las Vegas (Original Soundtrack)

Various Artists: Leaving Las Vegas (Original Soundtrack)
Title: Leaving Las Vegas (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Polydor UK

Out of print in the U.S.! Original soundtrack to director Mike Figgis' critically acclaimed 1995 drama that Nicolas Cage won the Best Actor Oscar for. The album scored by Figgis (a keyboardist & trumpeter as well), topped Billboard's Jazz chart at the time. Included are covers of five standards, three of which feature vocals by Sting, one by Don Henley and one performed by the Palladinos. While not as dark as the subject matter of the film, the 25 tracks have a distinctive somber sound that no fan of soundtracks or Sting will want left out of their collection.

1.1 Intro Dialogue - Nicolas Cage/Elisabeth Shue
1.2 Angel Eyes - Sting
1.3 Are You Desirable?
1.4 Ben ; Bill
1.5 Leaving Las Vegas
1.6 Sera's Dark Side
1.7 Mara
1.8 Burlesque
1.9 On the Street
1.10 Bossa Vega
1.11 Ben Pawns His Rolex/Sera Talks to Her Shrink
1.12 My One and Only Love - Sting
1.13 Sera Invites Ben to Stay
1.14 Come Rain or Come Shine - Don Heley
1.15 Ben and Sera - Theme
1.16 Ridiculous - Nicolas Cage
1.17 Biker Bar
1.18 Ben's Hell
1.19 It's a Lonesome Old Town - Sting
1.20 Blues for Ben
1.21 Get Out
1.22 Reunited
1.23 Sera Talks to the Cab Driver
1.24 She Really Loved Him
1.25 I Won't Be Going South for a While - the Palladinos

Various Artists: Leaving Las Vegas (Original Soundtrack)

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