Various Artists

Various Artists: Ms Bee's Traveling Bus

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Ms Bee's Traveling Bus

This is our new exciting CD for children and family! This CD is made up of twelve diverse songs. Merle Art Records realizes that parents spend so much time with their children. When we made this CD, we had the parents in mind. Get ready, put on your dance shoes and prepare your voices to sing. Take a trip with us on Ms. Bee's Traveling Bus, where learning is fun! Executive Producers: Frank Ricciardelli, Edward Saunders Co Executive Producers: Perthea Brown and Sharnee Brown.

1.1 Ms. Bee's Traveling Bus
1.2 I Want to Grow Up
1.3 Cookies and Milk
1.4 Numbers
1.5 Bird Family
1.6 ABC's
1.7 Djembe
1.8 7 Days
1.9 Bananas
1.10 Blow Your Bubbles
1.11 Take a Look at Me
1.12 Learning Is Fun

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