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Various Artists: Music of Young Practitioners Inspired By the Dhamm

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Music of Young Practitioners Inspired By the Dhamm

The inspiration of this album came from our own experience with the vast creative space of meditation practice, coupled with a hope to represent the unique voice of a new generation of young Buddhists. So we went begging songs from Buddhist youth around Western world, and we got back some true jewels. 'A spectacular offering. Taking refuge in Dhamma finds new expression in the amazing talent and creativity of these young musicians. Dhamma Gita is a joy to listen to.' ~ Joseph Goldstein, Cofounder, Insight Meditation Society 'One listen and these tracks are tattooed into my brain! Playful, thoughtful, and diverse - Dhamma Gita is my favorite Buddhist album of this lifetime.' ~ Sumi Kim, Editor, Blue Jean Buddha: Voices of Young Buddhists Featuring: David M. Smith {} David Smith has been writing, recording and performing music and practicing the dharma for 17 years. He's in the process of becoming a licensed drug and alcohol abuse counselor and mindfulness meditation instructor. He works with youth at an addiction treatment center and is heavily involved with music in Nashville, TN. "White Lines is a song about pain and redemption. It represents a full admission and recognition of the first noble truth - life is suffering. The song illustrates how we see pain and suffering in ourselves, in our relationships with others, and in the world at large. We cannot begin to grow spiritually until we surrender to this truth. With my own practice I have found this to be true time and time again. The admission and recognition of the suffering I have experienced and caused becomes the foundation for spiritual growth and a contented, useful life." Tori Heller {} Tori creates experiential folk. She started writing music on a whim at age sixteen. Two years later, she finds herself still writing and performing for the joy and peace that it brings her. "When I was very young, I attended a theater camp where we did yoga and meditation for warm-ups. We would sit quietly on the floor and the director would tell us to think 'sut' with our in-breath and 'nam' with our out-breath. I began to do this at home when I couldn't sleep. The syllables etched themselves into my mind. I could visualize them floating in front of my closed eyes. Ten years later, I signed up for my first meditation retreat. Right before I left, something very sad happened in my life that left me feeling empty, and angry. At the retreat, I remember the meditation leader suggested we think 'in' with our in-breath and 'out' with our out-breath, which I did, but then noticed I had slipped into saying 'sut-nam.' And I said sut-nam over and over again. This song, Sut Nam, is about the cleansing, quieting, and liberating power of meditation and Buddhist thought, and I wrote it after I returned home from that retreat. It is about relating to hard times with an open mind and an open heart." Ravenna Michalsen {} Ravenna Michalsen trained as a classical cellist for fourteen years before contracting arthritis and turning to voice and song writing. She has released three albums of dharma-inspired music since 2005; Ravenna holds a BA and MA from Yale University. "Ki Ki So So is both a statement of simple devotion to my teacher, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, and also a lament that I am not a better practitioner. The phrase 'Ki Ki So So' is part of a longer chant done to raise 'lungta' or 'windhorse': the energy of confidence that is utterly beyond aggression. In the first half of the song, that phrase is sung in a rhythm mimicking the galloping of a horse; my teacher's name is sung high above that rhythm. In the second half, the galloping rhythm recedes into the background to make room for the repeated phrase 'I ride on your wind'; this is an acknowledgment that whenever we study with a great practitioner, we often ride on the wind of their blessings. The lyrics resting atop that phrase refer to my own personal practice." Travis Callison {} Travis Callison is one and the same as the highest, most divine aspect of all creation. He currently resides within, and as, all that is. He has no future plans. "Absolute freedom is possible. There's nothing that has to be done. Eternity is yours. Bare witness." Michaela Lucas {} Piano and percussion - Tobias Bublat, Guitar - Jim Hickey - Teaching by Sogyal Rinpoche Flute - Aura Rascon Michaela decided three years ago to give up her singing career and focus on dharma practice and study. Since then Sogyal Rinpoche has inspired and helped her understand that she can use her voice to benefit beings and so, by the encouragement of Jane Bye, she began to put the words of Milarepa to music. May Sogyal Rinpoche live hundreds of years and continue to benefit beings until enlightenment. A special thank you to Gudrun Siegler who is the rock and foundation of the Milarepa CD, and who made it all happen. "The words are by Milarepa and it is the voice of my master Sogyal Rinpoche saying so simply that all we need is contentment. This for me is such a powerful teaching and just listening to this song and hearing Rinpoche say 'bubbling and bubbling' changes my state of mind instantly." Jay Harper {} Jay Harper is a songwriter/producer and the Creative Director of SunZoo Studios in South Florida. He composes full songs and instrumentals for TV, film, ads, and artists and has composed music for McDonald's, The Miami Dolphins, The Miami Hurricanes, and many emerging and established artists. His music has appeared on all of the major networks and cable stations including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, MTV, and VH1 to name a few. "Lu Shan Cha is my interpretation of an incense prayer song that we sing at the St Dak Tong Buddhist temple where my wife Abi and I are students of Grand Master Sheng-Yen Lu. The monk who teaches at St Dak Tong - Fasi Lien Hum - taught us to sing it. I was so inspired by the song that I wrote this piece. We have learned so much from the Dharma teachings and one thing we know to be true is there is a gold mine inside of all of us, but we must tunnel deep into ourselves to claim our riches. Wealth is not of the pocket, it is of the heart and mind." Brad Gibson {} Piano - Dawn Clement, Bass - Chris Symer Based in Seattle, Brad Gibson is known around town as a dynamic, sensitive musician, eager to play in all situations. Brad holds a BMA in performance from Cornish College of the Arts and is highly influenced by his teachers, Denney Goodhew and Jim Knapp, as well as all fine drummers and composers. "The practice of Zen has clarified much in my life. I would most likely be a different person had my teacher, Eido Frances Carney, and I not met. Through the posture of zazen, I am allowed the chance to calm my mind and perhaps see things a little more clearly. This clarity aids my function as composer and performer. One must pay attention to the moment, working with the psychological and emotional content that often drives one's work." Heather Maloney {} With the fall release of her debut album, Cozy Razor's Edge, Heather has already proven herself a skilled songstress, singer, and a powerhouse performer. Her full-range voice delivers raw passion from the heart and soul, and her thoughtful lyrics relate personal, universal lessons, reinforced by beautiful and contagious melodies. Her songs are like classic stories you can read repeatedly and come away with something new each time. "Let it Ache was written in the midst of a week-long silent retreat. I was suffering on this retreat and had a deep, dull and consistent pain in my heart for 3 days. I came up with many stories as to why this was happening, when the first noble truth finally bopped me over the head: life is suffering! I surrendered to that and the song started swirling around in my head: 'If your heart is aching, let it ache. Let it weigh, let it throb, let it break.' Lela Roy {

1.1 White Lines
1.2 Sut Nam
1.3 Ki Ki So So
1.4 Witness
1.5 Faith
1.6 Lu Shan Cha
1.7 Bedtime Waltz
1.8 Let It Ache
1.9 Hello Mister June Bug
1.10 Rabbit Horns
1.11 Matters How You Pray
1.12 Lama Care for Me
1.13 Yer Gonna Git You
1.14 Swell

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