Various Artists: Musik Music Musique-1980: Dawn Of Synth Pop / Various

Various Artists: Musik Music Musique-1980: Dawn Of Synth Pop / Various
Title: Musik Music Musique-1980: Dawn Of Synth Pop / Various
Label: Cherry Red

Three CD box set. This set explores the arrival of synth pop and the dawn of a new musical era. 58 tracks including songs by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, The Human League, Ultravox, Toyah, Spandau Ballet, Kim Wilde, Philip Lynott, The Buggles - And Underground Figureheads - Fad Gadget, Suicide, M, John Foxx, D. A. F., Dalek I Love You, Visage, The Residents, Yello, and many others. As the dust settled following the punk rock explosion, countless new genres began to solidify and coalesce. Chief among these, in a field of it's own, was Synth Pop - a suitably descriptive umbrella for the new electronic pop sound which had emerged over the previous couple of years. Musik Music Musique captures a snapshot of this milestone moment in music. Independent novelties and curiosities sit alongside big budget pop perfection. Artists who would go on to sell millions take their first steps into this new landscape whilst others make the briefest contribution before the wave moves on. For every too-cool-for-school Human League there is a so-far-out-it's-in Yello. In retrospect, the speed at which these new instruments and production techniques were absorbed by such a variety of artists astounds and confounds. Not to be confused with so many synth-pop-by-numbers budget releases, Musik Music Musique is an essential and insightful compendium of a place and time unique in musical chronology.

1.1 Messages - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
1.2 Musik, Music, Musique - Zeus
1.3 Coitus Interruptus - Fad Gadget
1.4 Computed Man - Xynn
1.5 Metal Love - Rod Vey
1.6 Performance Vendor's Box - Gina X
1.7 Lawnchairs - Our Daughter's Wedding
1.8 Tokyo - Science
1.9 Only After Dark - the Human League
1.10 Victims of the Riddle - Toyah
1.11 DCT Dreams - Nick Nicely
1.12 Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne - Suicide
1.13 Waiting - Ultravox
1.14 Money - Moebius
1.15 Falling Years - the Fallout Club
1.16 Da Vorne Steht Ne Ampel - Der Plan
1.17 No, Nothing, Never - Dark Day
1.18 Sons and Lovers - Hazel O'Connor
1.19 Sympathy - Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls
2.1 Glow - Spandau Ballet
2.2 Official Secrets - M
2.3 Chip N Roll - Silicon Teens
2.4 Galactica - Rockets
2.5 Tuning in Tuning on - Kim Wilde
2.6 European Man - Landscape
2.7 Can't You Take a Joke? Ha Ha Hi Hi! - Henriette Coulouvrat
2.8 A Circuit Like Me - the Metronomes
2.9 No One Driving - John Foxx
2.10 Kebabträume - D.A.F
2.11 Harmonitalk - Gary Sloan and Clone
2.12 Yellow Pearl - Philip Lynott
2.13 Dalek I Love You (Destiny) - Dalek I
2.14 Mannequin - Taxi Girl
2.15 This World of Water - New Musik
2.16 Quiet Life - Japan
2.17 Chase the Dragon - Kevin Harrison
2.18 Diskomo - the Residents
3.1 Astroboy (And the Proles on Parade) - Buggles
3.2 Mannequin - Berlin Blondes
3.3 A Certain Way to Go - the Passage
3.4 Between - Sic
3.5 Bimbo - Yello
3.6 Images of Delusion - Genocide
3.7 The Lonely Spy -
3.8 Lori and the Chameleons
3.9 Lucy - Craze
3.10 I'm a Computer - the Goo-Q
3.11 Doctor...? - Blood Donor
3.12 Brushing Your Hair - Alex Fergusson
3.13 Drawn and Quartered - the Korgis
3.14 Mind of a Toy - Visage
3.15 D'ya Think I'm Sexy - British Standard Unit
3.16 Living Wild - Mataya Clifford
3.17 Private Lives - Systems
3.18 The Eyes Have It - Karel Fialka
3.19 Suis-Je Normale - Nini Raviolette
3.20 China Blue Vision - Eyeless in Gaza
3.21 The Russians Are Coming - the Red Squares
3.22 Dampfriemen - la Dusseldorf

Various Artists: Musik Music Musique-1980: Dawn Of Synth Pop / Various

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