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Various Artists: Northern Soul 2012

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Northern Soul 2012
Label: Essential Media Mod

Produced by Ian Levine, one of the most influential DJs of the genre, there are no less than 24 recordings here that recapture the essence of a music style born of the late 60s and early 70s and still popular worldwide. Northern soul is at the root of the dance music scene which for over 35 years has attracted die hard fans including many who yearn for new music to be made in that style without losing the magic of what made the original records so special.

1.1 Worth Every Drop of Rain - Venicia Wilson
1.2 Making It Easy - Ronnie Walker
1.3 Me Minus You Equals Tears -Lyn Jerrard
1.4 Hello Detroit - Pat Lewis
1.5 My Word of Honour - the Concentrations
1.6 Holding You to Ransom - Jennifer Dee
1.7 Brick By Brick Stone By Stone - the Four Vandals -
1.8 Checking My Mailbox - Angelo Starr
1.9 My Way or the Highway - the Flirtations
1.10 Where Is the Music - Gina Foster
1.11 Love Is a Heartbeat Away - Tahira Jumah
1.12 What Kind of World - Barbara Green
1.13 Time Is Running Away - Pat Lewis
1.14 Tick Tock - the Fantations
1.15 Fifty Shades of Grey - Earnestine Pearce
1.16 Mister Heartbreaker - C.J. Jackson
1.17 Don't You Hold Back - Tahira Jumah
1.18 Never Gonna Let You Go - Ronnie Walker
1.19 Mister Fortune Teller - Pat Lewis
1.20 Reflections in My Mind - Steve Brookstein
1.21 It Hurts to Walk Away - Lonnie Gordon
1.22 Like a Shotgun - Jay Harvey
1.23 The Promised Land - Ronnie Walker
1.24 Destination Heartache - Pat Lewis

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