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Various Artists: Northern Soul: All-Nighter / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Northern Soul: All-Nighter / Various
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. During the heyday of the Northern Soul scene, the All-Nighter was the preferred format for the travelling soul fan. It separated the scene's top venues from the hundreds of regional soul nights in pubs, clubs and community halls across the land. The All-Nighter was the ultimate experience and the only place to hear the best, the rarest and the breaking sounds spun by the leading DJs. It was born in Manchester's Twisted Wheel in September 1963, found it's feet (it's dancing feet) at the Golden Torch in Stoke-on-Trent from 1970-72, and truly came of age at the Wigan Casino Soul Club from '73 onwards establishing itself as the premier National and even International event of the 70s. All 16 'All-Nighter' tracks on this newly curated compilation have been remastered from analog tapes and original vinyl.

1.1 Mill Evans - When I'm Ready [02:11]
1.2 The Sharpies - Go on and Laugh [02:56]
1.3 Tiny Tim Harris - Don't Say [02:45]
1.4 Willie Harper
1.5 Here Comes the Hurt Again [02:30]
1.6 Chico, Barbara ; Junior
1.7 Don't Cry (Ain't I Black Enough for You?) [02:20]
1.8 Jimmy Seals - the Yesterday of Our Love [02:33]
1.9 The Delicates - Stop Shovin' Me Around [02:43]
1.10 Vinnie Zen ; the Rogues
1.11 Bricks, Broken Bottles and Sticks [02:28]
1.12 McKinley Mitchell - My Sweet Baby [03:05]
1.13 Eddie Bo - Our Love (Will Never Falter) [02:37]
1.14 Betty Harris - Show It [02:52]
1.15 Hrrold Burrage - Fifty/Fifty [02:24]
1.16 Eldridge Holmes - Let's Go Steady [02:41]
1.17 The Accents - Who You Gonna Love? [02:15]
1.18 Van McCoy ; Friends
1.19 Ain't Got No Love (Instrumental) [02:30]
1.20 The Ulti-Mations - Sad Souvenirs [03:02]

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