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Various Artists: Off Da' Hook / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Off Da' Hook / Various
Label: CD Baby

OFF DA' HOOK is a latin music group whose style can be categorized in the genre that is known as 'Reggaeton.'. The group, based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, consists of nine members: Cele, Little, Fantasma, Rock One, Yello Spic Nolli, Jei, Blackan, Katiro and Kilo's. The Off Da' Hook sound is unique because it incorporates a wide variety of musical influences mixed in with Reggaeton such as Salsa, Hip-Hop, Rock and Pop. Examples of this alchemy can be heard on songs like 'Si a ti te Gusta'. The future is looking bright for Off Da' Hook. Not only are they concentrating on promoting their current release Off Da' Hook, they have already written 17 songs for the follow up CD. Like Off Da' Hook, there will be a fusion of Reggaeton with other styles, of course a la Off Da' Hook style. Furthermore, DJ Goldy and DJ Raymond are working on the project and collaborating on material.

1.1 Intro Rap
1.2 Intro Reggae
1.3 Vengan Girlas
1.4 Conciencia Clara
1.5 Chicas Quieren
1.6 Roll's Deep
1.7 Si a Ti Te Gusta
1.8 Tiraera
1.9 Tienen Miedo
1.10 Estilo
1.11 Si Tu Quieres Saber
1.12 Extasis
1.13 Girl Modela Tu Piel
1.14 Miami Flow
1.15 Suelta Tu Cuerpo
1.16 Ooh My Goodness!
1.17 Reggae Mix
1.18 Entrando Fuerte
1.19 Black Reggae
1.20 Radio Version (Bonus Track)

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