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Various Artists: Old Stage Tapes / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Old Stage Tapes / Various

The Old Stage Tapes is a compilation of various artist recoded live at the Turf Club in St. Paul, MN. All these recordings were made on Sunday nights between April and October of 2006. The tern 'Old Stage' comes from a historical perspective. In the 1970's and '80's the Turf Club was a Country Music bar and the bands played on a small stage on the side wall. In the mid 90's rock and roll came the the Turf and a new main stage was built on the back wall. When the idea came up to host acoustic music on Sundays the old side stage, which had never been removed, was the logical choice, providing a more intimate setting. Thus 'Old Stage Sunday Nights' were born. This CD is a mere snapshot of the many wonderful performances which have occurred over the years.

1.1 Wild Bill Jones - Charlie Parr
1.2 Wayfaring Stranger - Alicia Corbett
1.3 Throwin' It Away - John Ewing
1.4 Stumble Up the Stairs - Rich Mattson
1.5 My Song About Grammar - Dan Sarka
1.6 Serious - Javier Trejo
1.7 Ode to a Trucker - Captain Yonder
1.8 Stars - Max Edwards
1.9 Meeting at the Crossroads - Cam Waters
1.10 Last Fix It Man - Baby Grant Johnson
1.11 Thunderstorms - Mike Nicolai
1.12 Denim Lace - Brass Kings
1.13 Cheap Wine - Charlie Parr
1.14 Baltimore Fire - Pert' Near Sandstone

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