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Various Artists: Opera America Songbook / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Opera America Songbook / Various

3-Disc Set with booklet (includes all texts) Believing that the creation of art should mark every special occasion, OPERA America commissioned the OPERA America Songbook in celebration of the opening of the National Opera Center. Built to create an artistic and administrative home for the field, the Opera Center will offer an array of new programs and services for artists, producers and enthusiasts. It seems especially appropriate that OPERA America's first-ever direct commission should commemorate the opening of the field's first-ever Opera Center. OPERA America invited 70 composers to write a song that celebrates the opening of a new home, the joy of singing or the excitement of new beginnings. Participating composers are artists whose works have received grant support from OPERA America and who have participated in annual conferences as keynote speakers, on grant panels and in Salon Series events over the last decade. OPERA America is thrilled to present this collection of songs, which represents the distinctive voices of some of today's most important established and emerging opera composers. Marc A. Scorca OPERA America President and CEO September, 2012 Special Thanks to: Music Director William Hobbs, Recording Engineer Jeremy Gerard and all the composers, singers and pianists who made this recording possible. OPERA America is the national, nonprofit service organization for opera. Established in 1970, OPERA America leads and serves the entire opera community in supporting the creation, presentation and enjoyment of opera. Drawing on expertise from within and beyond the field, OPERA America provides members with essential tools to increase the level of creativity, excellence, effectiveness and relevance of opera and opera companies across the country. A broad range of artistic, administrative and educational services address the specific needs of artists, opera company staff, trustees and volunteers. OPERA America's National Opera Center Built specifically for the opera industry by OPERA America, the new National Opera Center in New York combines outstanding space and equipment with professional services developed over more than 40 years of serving the field. The National Opera Center responds to the critical need across the field for suitable audition and recording facilities in New York City. Specially-equipped rooms facilitate coproduction meetings, design presentations and professional development activities, as well as a wide range of artistic work - from vocal coachings and master classes to readings of new operas. State-ofthe- art electronic media technology for streaming and video conferencing overcomes the barrier of geography, making the National Opera Center the heart of an industry that is widely dispersed, yet highly collaborative. Production information The Opera America Songbook was recorded, edited and mastered at Gurari Studios in New York City in the summer of 2012. (Bob Telson's song was recorded and edited by Bob Telson at his studio in Buenos Aires.) Production staff: Music Director: William Hobbs Recording Engineer: Jeremy Gerard Supervising Producer: Cara Consilvio Commission and Publication Manager: Lyndsay Werking Executive Producer: Laura Lee Everett.

1.1 An Opera House - Sara Jakubiak
1.2 First Sonnet to Orpheus - Elizabeth Futral
1.3 You Need Song - Jennifer Aylmer
1.4 Farmstand Now Open - Audrey Babcock
1.5 My House, I Say - Meghan Picerno
1.6 House and Home - Emalie Savoy
1.7 Second Breath - Fang-Tao Jiang
1.8 Where I Lived, and What I Lived for - Jesse Blumberg
1.9 La Tour - Jennifer Aylmer
1.10 Look Down, Love - Peter Kendall Clark
1.11 Himmelfarbenlied - Kelly Ann Bixby
1.12 Homeward - Mary MacKenzie
1.13 Anacrusis - Robert Orth
1.14 Summer Stars - Amy Burton
1.15 Here - Jesse Blumberg
1.16 Home, with Illustrations - Jennifer Check
2.1 Bless This, Our Lovely Home - Elizabeth Futral
2.2 Our Haven - Leah Edwards
2.3 Archaeology - Eve Gigliotti
2.4 Black Hat - Jo Ellen Miller
2.5 Building a House - Jennifer Check
2.6 I Hear America Singing - Talise Trevigne
2.7 Our House - Leah Edwards
2.8 Song of the Last Crossing - Audrey Babcock
2.9 The Props Assist the House - Peter Kendall Clark
2.10 A New Home - Lauren Flanigan
2.11 Where the Bee Sucks - Theo Bleckmann
2.12 A Home in the Golden Gate - Keith Jameson
2.13 Bridegroom, Dear to My Heart - Sarah Lambert
2.14 Ode to the Promised Land - Brenda Feliciano
2.15 The Distance to the Market - Christopher Burchett
2.16 Start - Susanna Phillips
3.1 The Time to Begin - Jesse Blumberg
3.2 An Opera House - Rebecca Duren
3.3 Epilogue: Under the Blessing of Your Psyche Wings - Nathan Wyatt
3.4 Down to the Twigs ; Seeds - Sara Jakubiak
3.5 That Night with the Green Sky - Mellissa Hughes
3.6 Sound, Breaking Away - Darren K. Stokes
3.7 Feng Shui for Your New Home - Talise Trevigne
3.8 A Home at Last for Opera America - Jeffrey R. Gwaltney
3.9 Ballad of the Happy Kitchen - Kelly Ann Bixby
3.10 Here Is a Place - Jesse Blumberg
3.11 Amina in White Flowing Robes - John Margolis
3.12 M.A.R.Y. - Peter Kendall Clark
3.13 Sudden Light - Emalie Savoy
3.14 Open Up the House - Merrin Lazyan
3.15 Unending Story - Marquita Lister

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