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Various Artists: Paint the Peel / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Title: Paint the Peel / Various
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The musicians of GORGG strike again with more original music inspired by classic prog, from their acclaimed recording series devoted to progressive, multi-influenced music. Enjoy these rivetting works by an interesting and diverse group of seasoned artists from around the world. 'Steve Hackett on a Greek holiday... Had no idea track 1 had Keith Emerson and track 2 was by Frank Zappa!... Beautiful and touching.... lovely chord progression... a real singer's song... delightful, warm voice... bittersweet aftertaste... certainly has a face, and it's a beautiful one... So finely lyrical, so touching, so subtle... delicate and subtle colours of emotion... a full palette with both sunrise tones of the birth of a feeling and it's darker shades of sadness at the feeling's sunset... A language that speaks to every heart... Talented and creative... great, fantastic, incredible... Gentle Giant collaborating with Zappa, Annette Peacock, Robert Fripp, Steely Dan and the Northettes... Two Minutes in Spain is not enough!' - Members of On-Reflection Special thanks to JOHN P. WEATHERS (Gentle Giant) for additional engineering & studio services. Artists, their countries, and track credits in order of appearance... TOMAS STARK: [Sweden] First Brush (Stark) Tomas Stark: guitars, keyboards BLISSFUL BEHEMOTH: [USA] Verbalosis: I. Inspired by the Sound of Your Own Voice II. Verbalosity III. Family Discussion (Levin) Adam Levin: keyboards The Behemoth: other instruments and vocals GLEN BURG: [Canada] Zealot (Burg) Glen Burg: all instruments ALAN BENJAMIN: [USA] Oglethorpe's Dream (solo demo) (Benjamin) Alan Benjamin: stick, clavinet LEVIN STARK EYRE HETTMANSBERGER: [USA / Sweden / Wales] Words on the Wall (Levin) John Eyre & Brenda Hettmansberger: vocals Adam Levin: keyboards Tomas ('Wunderkid') Stark: organ, guitars John Weathers, Jay Mark & Ant Bowles: engineering (aka The Boys & Girls Choir of GORGG) ANT BOWLES: [UK] A Minor Miracle (Bowles) Ant Bowles: guitar AND/OR: [USA] I Can't Talk to You (Levin-Stoller) Adam Levin: keyboards and/or: other instruments and vocals LENA STARK PETTERSSON: [Sweden] Nature (Pettersson) Lena Stark Pettersson: synths, loops DAVID ROSBERG WITH MONETARY SOUL: [Sweden] Those Who Still Remain (Rosberg) David Rosberg: vocals, guitars, bass, synthesizers, piano, percussion Herman Danielsson: guitar vocals Marcos Wallin: drums Tomas Stark: piano, organ Oskar Melander: percussion Kim Wikman: growl David Svanstrom: double bass Jard Stromgren: piano ADAM LEVIN: [USA] Lying (in my sleep) (Levin) Adam Levin: piano TOMAS STARK: [Sweden] The Swan, The Toad, The Dragonfly (Stark) Tomas Stark: guitar, keyboards ANT BOWLES: [UK] Dream Towards The Light (Bowles) Ant Bowles: all vocals & instruments BOB PARKER: [USA] In Theory (Parker) Bob Parker: guitars, Roland GR-300 Kevin Stacey: drums Andy Kubicki: keyboards TOMAS STARK WITH JOHN EYRE: [Sweden / Wales] Daylight (Music & lyrics: Stark; spoken words: Eyre) Tomas Stark: guitars, keyboards John Eyre: vocals, speech BOB HOLZNER WITH BOB PARKER & ANDY KUBICKI: [USA] Caught In A Glass Maze (Holzner) Bob Holzner: keyboards, electronic drums Bob Parker: guitars, synthesizer Andy Kubicki: bass, keyboards, organ, clavinet, piano ALBUM MASTERED BY SHANTIH HAAST & ANDY KUBICKI STUDIO 770 Front cover art by Ant Bowles Executive Producer: Andy Kubicki.

1.1 First Brush - Tomas Stark
1.2 Verbalosis - Blissful Behemoth
1.3 Zealot - Glen Burg
1.4 Oglethorpe's Dream (Solo Demo) - Alan Benjamin
1.5 Words on the Wall - Levin Stark Eyre Hettsmansberger
1.6 A Minor Miracle - Ant Bowles
1.7 I Can't Talk to You - And/Or
1.8 Nature - Lena Stark Pettersson
1.9 Those Who Still Remain - David Rosberg
1.10 Lying (In My Sleep) - Adam Levin
1.11 The Swan, the Toad, the Dragonfly - Tomas Stark
1.12 Dream Towards the Light - Ant Bowles
1.13 In Theory - Bob Parker
1.14 Daylight - Tomas Stark
1.15 Caught in a Glass Maze - Bob Holzner

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