Various Artists: People at Prayer

Various Artists: People at Prayer
Title: People at Prayer
Label: Unesco

People at Prayer is a 24-song collection of religious ritual, meditation, and devotion. Drawn from the UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music, the selections come from around the world and feature a vast diversity of expression. In addition to songs and prayers from Christian churches, Islamic tradition, and Buddhist ritual, you can hear a ceremony of the Tepehuanes of Mexico, an Aka Pygmy invocation from the Central African Republic, a ceremony performed by the orchestra of the Cambodian Royal Palace, a bhajan (devotional song) sung by a wandering Hindu sadhu (holy man), and a hymn from the Oceania island republic Vanuatu. Liner notes provide an English translation of each title, as well as a brief history for each track.

1.1 Russia: The King of Heaven
1.2 Turkey: Saz Semaï in Makam Usshak (Extract)
1.3 Syrian Orthodox Church: Takhshifto, Sixth Mode (Shtithoyo, Extract)
1.4 Syria: Islamic Ritual Zikr (Extract)
1.5 Yemen: Tahwîda and Khuwaîb (Extract)
1.6 Afghanistan (Herat): Na't
1.7 India: Bhajana
1.8 Tibet: Invocation to the Goddess Yeshiki Mamo, Part I (Extract)
1.9 Cambodia: Pey Kêo
1.10 Laos: Pheng Phi Fa (Extract)
1.11 Japan: Dai Hannya Tendoku E (Extract)
1.12 Bali: Pendet
1.13 Solomon Islands: Uunu
1.14 Vanuatu: Hymn No. 77
1.15 Brazil: Roia Kurireu (Extract)
1.16 Chile: Song of the Alféreces and Dances of the Chinos
1.17 Mexico: La Susana
1.18 Cuba: Cantos de Altar
1.19 Madagascar: Zanaka Tromba (Extract)
1.20 Central African Republic: Mombimbi (Extract)
1.21 Côte D'ivoire: Music of a Guardian Spirit
1.22 Portugal: Misericordia, Meu Deus
1.23 Corsica: Sanctus (Extract of the Mass Dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary)
1.24 Sicily: Gloria

Various Artists: People at Prayer

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