Various Artists

Various Artists: Poco Loco in the Coco 3 / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Poco Loco in the Coco 3 / Various
Product Type: VINYL LP

University of Vice presents the third volume of the craziest compilation of music from all over the world. This comp collates a worldwide mixture of painfully obscure crud-a-phonic dance craze platters from the '50s and '60s. a brilliant and bonkers concoction of exotica and international nonsense novelties. If you need something new to listen to after you've worn out yer Las Vegas grind and jungle exotica records, then this is for you and will liven up any party. Lurch-eriffic tropical crazes and totally daffy mix-n-match foreign language tracks that'll make your eyes and ears pop just like corn. Long live the University of Vice. Artists include: David Melanio, Joe Quijano, Doc & Les 6 Jets, the Goyo's Cats, Sonny Scott, Tito Benito, the Warriors, Carl Stevens, Caney Orchestra, Chino Herrera, Comparsa de la Laguna, Eddie Kochak, the Mogambo's, and the Journeymen.

1.1 Teahouse 90 - David Melanio
1.2 Zoom Gully Gully - Joe Quijano
1.3 Making Love - Doc ; Les 6
1.4 Caliente - the Goyo's Cats
1.5 Judo Twist - Sonny Scott
1.6 Allo Brigitte - Tito Benito
1.7 Watusi Wedding - the Warriors
1.8 Tiana-Tche - Carl Stevens
1.9 Mambo Bom Bo - Caney Orchestra
1.10 Los Tambores Del Brujo - Chino Herrera
1.11 Zoologico Negro - Comparsa de la Laguna
1.12 Shish-Ka-Bob Rock - Eddie Kochak
1.13 Bi-Aza-Ku-Sasa - the Mogambo's
1.14 Cup-E-Co - the Journeymen

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