Various Artists: Rare 1920's Blues and Jazz 1923-1929

Various Artists: Rare 1920&
Title: Rare 1920's Blues and Jazz 1923-1929
Label: Document

This CD could easily have been a contender for Document's 'Too Late, Too Late' series, featuring as it does previously unissued takes and recently discovered tracks from artists already covered on previous releases. It also continues the policy of introducing work by performers who feature only in the new fourth edition of the 'Blues And Gospel Records' discography. Among this group are the West Indian singer Sam Manning, and Sammie Lewis, both stated to be of 'no blues interest' in previous volumes of 'The Bible', and hence unlisted, but apparently reprieved in the new edition, which explains their inclusion on this collection. Sammie Lewis, who was probably a female impersonator, is accompanied by a forceful band, but had the annoying habit, as noted by liner note writer Steve Tracy, of adding the syllable 'ah' to the end of each line he sang, thus detracting from the overall presentation. The gap-filling 1923 coupling by Viola McCoy features the powerful piano accompaniment of Fletcher Henderson. Another rare coupling from 'Blind Richard' Yates presents some interesting lyrics. Clifford Hayes is another artist unlisted in previous editions of B&R who makes an appearance in the new one. Most of his work is already available on CD, and the seven tracks presented here are all alternate takes. Hayes plays violin, with Earl Hines on piano, and guitarist Cal Smith contributing some excellent solos. Two more alternate takes are those from the Dixie Jazzers, featuring Robert Cooksey and Bobby Leecan, the remainder of their recordings appearing on two previous Document CDs. The Q.R.S. Boys was the name of a group featuring the piano and flamboyant vocals of Walter 'Fats' Pichon, with the tenor saxophone of Robert Cloud, and Hawaiian guitar played by Benny Nawahi, who provides a fine solo on 'Wiggle Yo' Toes'. Altogether, a mixed bag of music from the borderlands of blues and jazz, presenting a surprising variety of styles.

1.1 Don't Mean You No Good Blues - Viola McCoy
1.2 Lonesome Daddy Blues - Viola McCoy
1.3 Keep Your Hands Off That - Sam Manning
1.4 Go, I Got Somebody Sweeter Than You - Sam Manning
1.5 Arkansas Shout - Sammie Lewis
1.6 There'll Come a Time - Sammie Lewis
1.7 Hateful Papa Blues - Sammie Lewis
1.8 Leaving Town to Wear You Off My Mind - Sammie Lewis
1.9 Steady Roll - Wilson's T.O.B.A. Band
1.10 Backyard Blues - Wilson's T.O.B.A. Band
1.11 Levee Blues - 'Blind Richard' Yates
1.12 Wayward Roamer Blues - 'Blind Richard' Yates
1.13 Kansas City Shuffle (Take 2) - Dixie Jazzers Washboard Band
1.14 Black Cat Bone (Take 2) - Dixie Jazzers Washboard Band
1.15 Automobile Blues (Take 2) - Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers
1.16 Frog Hop (Take 1) - Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers
1.17 Dance Hall Shuffle (Take 1) - Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers
1.18 Shoe String Stomp (Take 1) - Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers
1.19 Everbody Wants My Tootelum (Take 1) - Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers
1.20 Hey! Am I Blue (Take 1) - Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers
1.21 Shady Lane Blues (Take 2) - Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers
1.22 Dad Blame Blues - Q.R.S. Boys
1.23 Black Boy Blues - Q.R.S. Boys
1.24 Wiggle Yo' Toes - Q.R.S. Boys
1.25 I've Seen My Baby (And It Won't Be Long Now) - Q.R.S. Boys

Various Artists: Rare 1920's Blues and Jazz 1923-1929

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