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Various Artists: Real Calypso: 1927-1946 / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Real Calypso: 1927-1946 / Various
Label: Folkways Records

This compilation is an introduction to the golden age of calypso and to some of it's greatest exponents. The genre is known for it's incisive social commentary, and the songs on this album retain the spirit and irreverence of calypso at home in Trinidad and Tobago.

1.1 Edward the VIII (Love Alone)
1.2 Bing Crosby
1.3 Louis-Schmeling Fight
1.4 G-Man Hoover
1.5 War
1.6 Five Year Plan
1.7 Yankee Dollar
1.8 Four Mills Brothers
1.9 Money Is King
1.10 Always Marry a Pretty Woman
1.11 New York Subway
1.12 Three Friends Advice
1.13 Let Go My Hand
1.14 Miss Bombilla Brown

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