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Various Artists: Rhythm N Bluesin By The Bayou:Vocal Groups / Var

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Rhythm N Bluesin By The Bayou:Vocal Groups / Var
Label: Ace Records

2015 release, an installment in Ian Saddler's series of rare and previously unreleased music from Louisiana. This volume concentrates on harmony vocals. There have been albums dedicated to single artist such as Cookie & The Cupcakes and the Spiders before, but nothing that has run the gamut from New Orleans to Lake Charles. This rare and unreleased music comes out of the vaults of Jay Miller, Eddie Shuler, Sam Montel and Joe Ruffino.

1.1 Feelin' Right Saturday Night - the Velvetiers
1.2 Tender and Tall - Unknown Group
1.3 I Cried - Sonny Martin
1.4 I Need Your Lovin - Charley Morris
1.5 Help Me - Del-Chords
1.6 Cry Weeping Willow - Henry Clement
1.7 Give Me Your Love - Sticks Herman
1.8 Calimo - Unknown Group
1.9 Plea of Love - the Gay Notes
1.10 Tall Skinny Mama - Henry Clement
1.11 Lookin' and Searchin '- Sonny Martin
1.12 Waiting in the Chapel - the Gay Notes
1.13 What Have I Done Wrong - Little Henry
1.14 Oh Baby - the Velvetiers
1.15 Tell Me, Tell Me, Tell Me -The Raves
1.16 The Natural Thing to Do - Sticks Herman
1.17 Brother Brown - Tabby Thomas
1.18 Jenny Jenny Jenny - Little Henry
1.19 Married Too Soon - the Gay Notes
1.20 Oh Baby - Unknown Group
1.21 I'm So Lonely - the Hi Fi's
1.22 Some Other Time - Sonny Martin
1.23 The Snake - the Gaynotes
1.24 My Dear - the Hi Fi's
1.25 Please Please Darling - Henry Clement
1.26 Sea of Love - Katie Webster
1.27 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do - Cookie ; the Cupcakes
1.28 Billy the Kid - the Raves

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