Various Artists: Same As Above

Various Artists: Same As Above
Title: Same As Above
Label: CD Baby

Variety, 18 tracks from rock to Irish jig to Blues to Alternative Pop to Singer-Songwriter....

1.1 Leechboy -Let's Leave It at That
1.2 BC ; The Blues Crew- Don't Mess with Me Baby
1.3 Motherwell- Too Late
1.4 Todd Wolfe -Heaven
1.5 Driver -You ; I
1.6 Spitshine -Everywhere You Go
1.7 Jim Loftus -Sweet Little Lady
1.8 Villas -Pull You Back
1.9 Rhino Campground- a Shiny Thing Called Love
1.10 Dave Fry- the Jig's Up
1.11 Tumblers- Anita Gurle
1.12 Forward Thrust- Fire in Your Eyes
1.13 Trap Door- S-4
1.14 Poker Face- Illumanti
1.15 Unpronounceable -Ugly
1.16 Wilygoats- Just a Little Bit
1.17 Steve Brosky- Moonlite Lady
1.18 Eighteenth Hour- Deja

Various Artists: Same As Above

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