Various Artists

Various Artists: Songs of

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Songs of
Label: Not Now

1.1 Rain Until September
1.2 Up on the Roof
1.3 The Loco-Motion
1.4 Take Good Care of My Baby
1.5 Chains
1.6 Go Away Little Girl
1.7 Halfway to Paradise
1.8 Heaven Is Being with You
1.9 Show Me the Way
1.10 No One Ever Tells You
1.11 Every Breath I Take
1.12 Nobody's Perfect
1.13 Keep Your Love Locked (Deep in Your Heart)
1.14 Why'd You Wanna Make Me Cry
1.15 What a Sweet Thing That Was
1.16 Just Another Fool
1.17 Dreamin' About You
1.18 How Many Tears
1.19 Follow That Girl
1.20 Happy Times (Are Here to Stay)
1.21 Help Me (Find the Way Back to Your Heart)
1.22 I Was Only Kidding
1.23 I'd Never Find Another You
1.24 When My Little Girl Is Smiling
1.25 Under the Stars
2.1 Will You Love Me Tomorrow
2.2 Point of No Return
2.3 Crying in the Rain
2.4 Walkin' with My Angel
2.5 I Didn't Have Any Summer Romance
2.6 Echoes
2.7 Where Do I Go?
2.8 Some Kind of Wonderful
2.9 Funny Face
2.10 School Bells Are Ringing
2.11 When My Little Girl Is Smiling
2.12 He Knows I Love Him Too Much
2.13 I Could Have Loved You So Well
2.14 Love Eyes
2.15 I Couldn't Say No
2.16 Her Royal Majesty
2.17 The Right Girl
2.18 Up on the Roof
2.19 Bobby, Bobby, Bobby
2.20 Sharing You
2.21 Good Buddies
2.22 Goin' Wild
2.23 Halfway to Paradise
2.24 Go Away Little Girl
2.25 He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)
3.1 When My Little Girl Is Smiling
3.2 Stranger in My Arms
3.3 Queen of the Beach
3.4 I'd Never Find Another You
3.5 Dear Buddy
3.6 I've Got Bonnie
3.7 He Knows I Love Him Too Much
3.8 How Can I Meet Her?
3.9 Baby Sittin'
3.10 My Golden Chance
3.11 Keep Your Off My Baby
3.12 Not Just Tomorrow But Always
3.13 Don't Ever Change
3.14 Short Mort
3.15 Dear Mr D.J. Play It Again
3.16 The Light in Your Window
3.17 In My Baby's Eyes
3.18 The Kid Brother
3.19 The Slide
3.20 Billy's Ridin'
3.21 Am I the Guy?
3.22 The Dance Is Over
3.23 A Very Special Boy
3.24 I Can't Say Goodbye

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