Various Artists

Various Artists: Spokanarchy

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Spokanarchy
Product Type: VINYL LP

From the late 70s through the 1980s, Spokane had a diverse array of bands in sound and style. Like many small scenes, often times wildly different acts would appear on the same bill. Especially in the early days, shows were not a regular event and with so few bands some bands lasted only one show. Below are the bands that appear in SpokAnarchy! Most of these were formed in Spokane and existed only then and there. Some towards the bottom of the page were formed by Spokanites who moved away. Some of these tracks were recorded in professional studios, but most were recorded on a humble 4-track tape recorder (or worse!) in a living room. All are passionate, unique, and show the range of what came out of "the world's largest hick town" in the 1980's.

1.1 Sweet Madness "I Need Electricity"
1.2 P-P Ku "Brainwashed Bimbos"
1.3 Doubtful Nonagenarians "Let Us Go Then"
1.4 Terror Couple "This Is Spokane, Fuck L.A."
1.5 Strangulon "Fiction"
1.6 The Necromancers "Artful Advertising"
1.7 S ; M "Overdose O.K."
1.8 Vampire Lezbos "Plasma"
1.9 M'na M'na "Noisy Boys"
1.10 Cattle Prod "Don't Mind Walking"
1.11 TFL "Sharon Tate"
1.12 Social Bondage "Remo Bang Bang"
1.13 The Moo Cow Orchestra "Mind Moguls"

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