Various Artists

Various Artists: Standard Tanze

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Standard Tanze

1.1 Moon River [Langs. Walzer]
1.2 Blue Tango
1.3 Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman [W. Walzer 60 TM]
1.4 Blue Moon [Langs. Foxtrott]
1.5 Tanzen Sie Mit [Quick-Step]
1.6 Romance [Langs. Walzer]
1.7 Tango Amoroso
1.8 Be Our Guest [Quick-Step]
1.9 Abends in Wien [Wiener Walzer]
1.10 Casino Time [Slow Fox]
1.11 Crazy Tango
1.12 Hofball Te [Wiener Walzer]
1.13 Ich Weinicht Genau [Slow Fox]
1.14 Tanzende Schuhe [Quick-Step]
2.1 Irgendwann [Langs. Walzer]
2.2 Tango Carlito
2.3 Turn Around [Wiener Walzer]
2.4 Vielleicht [Slow Fox]
2.5 Time to Dance [Quick Step]
2.6 Kom Doch [Langs. Walzer]
2.7 Tango Farango
2.8 Wiener Traum [Wiener Walzer]
2.9 All I Ask of You [Langs. Foxtrott]
2.10 Trude [Quick-Step]
2.11 Love Ain't There Anymore [Langs. Walzer]
2.12 Kaiserwalzer [Wiener Walzer]
2.13 One (A Chorus Line) [Langs. Foxtrott]
2.14 Part Time Lover [Foxtrott]
3.1 Frsstimmen [Wiener Walzer]
3.2 See the Day [Langs. Walzer]
3.3 So Do I [Quick. Step]
3.4 Que Sera [Wiener Walzer]
3.5 Ole Guapa [Tango]
3.6 Desert Song [Langs. Walzer]
3.7 C'era Una Volta Il West [Wiener Walzer]
3.8 Sam [Langs. Walzer]
3.9 American Patrol [Quick-Step]
3.10 Smile [Slow Fox]
3.11 I Really Don't Want to Know [Langs. Walzer]
3.12 Sing Sing Sing [Quick-Step]
3.13 's Wonderful [Foxtrott]
3.14 Put Your Dreans Away [Langs. Walzer]
3.15 Shall We Dance [Quick-Step]

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