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Various Artists: Stories for Bedtime: Story Book 2 / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Stories for Bedtime: Story Book 2 / Various
Label: MVD (Generic)

Just because I'm little they've got another of those audio books with the stunning bedtime stories. I know they're just trying to get me to go to sleep. Well, no way it's going to work.

1.1 First Light
1.2 The Old Oak Tree
1.3 Six Socks
1.4 Purple Panda
1.5 Searching for North
1.6 Birthday Biscuits
1.7 ABC Song
1.8 Tabitha and Belle
1.9 Snack Rap
1.10 The Hen House
1.11 Peter Piper
1.12 Ice Cream Dream
1.13 Beetle Boy
1.14 Rosemary
1.15 Robot Races
1.16 The Bunk Bed
1.17 Grandma's Car
1.18 Orion
1.19 Yellow and Green
1.20 Dream River

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