Various Artists: Survive & Advance 4 / Various

Various Artists: Survive & Advance 4 / Various
Title: Survive & Advance 4 / Various
Label: CD Baby

Welcome to the home of Sydewayz Productions, LLC. Sydewayz Productions, LLC was established in 2006 by D Bright. SydeWayz has released five albums, two of which were created before the formation of the Limited Liability Company. The current album, Sydewayz Productions Presents D Bright: International Business, is the companies' fifth studio project. Sydewayz Productions' first album, The Syde Vol I, (2002) was an underground success. The first two singles, We Cain't Be Touched, and Workin the Wood received major rotation on local radio stations. The Syde Vol II, SoufWess Protocol, hit the scene in 2004 with the smash hits Tequila, and Who'z Gone Ryde. InSyde The Game: Grind and Hustle (2006) was a major step toward solidifying a global fan base. The first three singles, Down in Jamaica, Step Into The Party, and Don't Got Grind led to a surge in internet sales overseas. Over half of all Grind & Hustle sales on the internet were in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, and ITunes Europe. Sydewayz Productions' fourth release, Survive & Advance (2009), took success to new heights. Ringtone sales of the first two singles, Baby Gurl and The Island (Get On Up) strengthened the strong global fan base. The blues influenced hit Lookin' for my Soul featured the Spoken Word talents of Etan Thomas, retired power forward for the Atlanta Hawks, received rave reviews. After the success of Survive & Advance, D Bright was recruited by several North American record companies. However, the negotiations fell through because of a lack of creative control over the content of the new studio album, and other contract disagreements. D Bright decided to release International Business independently, which ensured his control over the project and profit from album sales. D Bright explains this situation further on the title track of the album, International Business. International Business is a unique combination of excellent production, and a wide realm of subject content. This new album reflects D Bright's refined professionalism as a lyricist, as well as producer. International Business, as well as Survive & Advance and InSyde The Game: Grind and Hustle are available on ITunes and Volumes I and II can be shipped within 4-6 business days. All five are a must for any music collection. Sydewayz Productions, LLC: Music. Success. Global. D Bright, M.HR - Sole Owner.

1.1 In the South
1.2 Survive ; Advance
1.3 Bout That Paper
1.4 I Work
1.5 The Island (Get on Up)
1.6 Baby Gurl
1.7 Lookin' for My Soul
1.8 It's on
1.9 My Target
1.10 Up Out the Chair
1.11 Everyone Falls
1.12 Who's Gone Ryde
1.13 Sucka MC's
1.14 Silver Shadows
1.15 Let's Ryde
1.16 'Sho You Rite
1.17 Go Get It
1.18 S.Y.D.E.W. Ay.Z

Various Artists: Survive & Advance 4 / Various

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