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Various Artists: The Laurie Records Story, Vol. 3: Girls and Girls Groups

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: The Laurie Records Story, Vol. 3: Girls and Girls Groups
Label: Ace Records UK

2009 collection, the third volume in Ace's overview of the great Laurie Record label. This volume focuses on the girls on the label's roster, both solo and in the popular group format. This exciting volume is an absolute must-have for girl group fans and Laurie collectors alike. Taking great care not to duplicate titles that are available elsewhere on Ace, cult favorites the Del-Rons are represented with their debut single, while their lead singer Reparata offers up her solo contribution to the death disc genre. In-demand session singer Bernadette Carroll should have been a star. Features 24 tracks total including cuts from the Chiffons, Dawn, the Charmers, the Four Pennies and many others. Ace.

1.1 Stop, Look and Listen - the Chiffons
1.2 Let Me Get Close to You - Beverly Warren
1.3 I'm Afraid They're All Talking About Me -Dawn
1.4 Shy Guy - the Charmers
1.5 My Block - the Four Pennies
1.6 Hanky Panky - the Summits
1.7 If I Knew Then (What I Know Now) - the Chiffons
1.8 Sandy - Dawn
1.9 Heading for a Heartbreak - the Cheese Cakes
1.10 Love Me Like You're Gonna Lose Me - the Chiffons
1.11 He's Just a Playboy - Bernadette Carroll
1.12 Don't Lean on Me - Corinna Cord
1.13 Keep the Boy Happy - the Chiffons
1.14 He's My Dream Boy - Marie Antoinette
1.15 He's An Angel - the Summits
1.16 How Can I Be Sure (That It's Love) - Gloria Dennis
1.17 Sweet Talk - the Charmers
1.18 I Still Love You - Les Girls
1.19 Your Big Mistake - the Del-Rons
1.20 He's Mine - Linda ; the Lindettes
1.21 Whenever a Teenager Cries - the Jeans
1.22 Nothing Went Right - Lorrie Darnell
1.23 Circus Girl - Bernadette Carroll
1.24 Your Life Is Gone - Reparata

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