Various Artists: This Is Jamaica Ska (Various Artists)

Various Artists: This Is Jamaica Ska (Various Artists)
Artist: Various Artists
Title: This Is Jamaica Ska (Various Artists)
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. When first released, This Is Jamaica Ska followed in the footsteps of the successful Ska Authentic releases and also marked the first time that Clement Dodd began to showcase on LP his new discovery, The Wailers, who had begun tearing up the dances in Kingston with "Simmer Down. " This song had been held for exclusive use in the dances before it was finally put out on 45, now it gained album status marking the increased visibility of the group in the marketplace. In addition to "Simmer Down," two other songs by The Wailers are also found on the album: "How Many Times", and the blazing cover of Jimmy Clanton's "Go, Jimmy, Go" which Clement Dodd had proposed for the group to incorporate into their repertoire. Also found on This Is Jamaica Ska are songs by Bajan Jackie Opel, a prolific hit maker for the label in this period, with the ribald "Push Wood" and the popular duet "The Vow" with Doreen Shaffer. Anchored by the instrumentals of Roland Alphonso (Clement Dodd's good friend), Don Drummond's "Roll On Sweet Don" (here in it's correct form), The Skatalites mento-inspired "Salt Lane Gal," and mighty vocal outings by the cream of the label's stars, this became a monumental release. Special mention to "Bongo Tango" which features what is basically a drum solo by Lloyd Knibbs throughout the entire song! The cover for This Is Jamaica Ska alone is iconic in Ska circles andR here taken from the original WIRL release. Transferred in 2020 from the original master tapes, This Is Jamaica Ska is a welcome addition to the Studio One Original Masters Series Archive.

1.1 Bob Marley ; The Wailers - Simmer Down
1.2 The Skatalites - Salt Lane Girl
1.3 Jackie Opel - Push Wood
1.4 Andy ; Joey - Wonder No More
1.5 Roland Alphonso - Bongo Tango
1.6 Roland Alphonso - Sucu-Sucu
1.7 Roland Alphonso - Dr. Ring Ding
1.8 The Blue Beats - Change Your Fear
1.9 Roland Alphonso - 20-75
1.10 Jackie Opel ; Doreen Shaffer - The Vow
1.11 Bob Marley ; The Wailers - How Many Time
1.12 Don Drummond ; Roland Alphonso - Roll on Sweet Don
1.13 Jackie Opel - Sit Down Servant
1.14 Bob Marley ; The Wailers - Go, Jimmy, Go
1.15 The Blue Beats - Finger Mash
1.16 The Gaylads - Gal ; Boy

Various Artists: This Is Jamaica Ska (Various Artists)

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